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Well, the busy season is finally over. I got a job in September and failed to report it here as I’ve been working overtime since then, and it’s kept me extremely busy. Least of which included several issues with my cars; yes that was plural. However, things are going much more smoothly now, and I even have time to play games and go to the gym without struggling to fit everything in.

Now that a lot of my work is complete here are some examples of my work (all work done by myself, except the characters) (all artwork was done by someone else, I just turned it into a html page, and did all the custom coding)

We also have two other sites that I’ve just been doing upkeep on and We’re doing complete redesigns on both, of which santa’s ornament shop is going to be my complete creation minus the shopping cart software.

I just bought an xbox 360 ($400 yikes!) and am thoroughly enjoying it, as my computer is currently broken. It seems I’m having the worst luck with anything mechanical this year, hopefully that will change next year. Also this new year, I’ll be moving out again in march, so look to have some parties if you live in the louisville area. I plan on renting a house with some friends so there won’t be any worry about the neighbors. That’s about all for now, have a happy new year!

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