CSS Font Resizing Article

I’d like to prefix this with an apology to Peakflowdesigns.com. I wrote a rather scathing article about them (which is now gone) and was probably unfounded. I assumed they were censoring me and I got upset and wrote about it instead of following up with them. Turns out they were having some technological problems and lost their database and had to use a backup which didn’t have my comment in it. Matt I apologize for that.

Anyways here is the article about font resizing with css, inspired by a comment I left.

I’ve only just now learned about the importance of this topic (it relates almost solely to accessibility) and as such haven’t had a chance to integrate it into any of my projects. I imagine I’ll be spending my time trying to figure out how to create layouts that use em’s rather then pixels (hopefully not too much to wrap my head around) from here on out.

The reason it’s so difficult is the fact that everyone’s font size can be different (which is what em is. 1em = default font size) so if I made a 1em box in the page, it could render differently depending on what machine the user is on. Some browsers have their own default, some use the operating system default, and some users will manually change their default.

Anyways, further into the rabbit hole I go.

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