Home Again

Just got home, and here is something I’ve been working on. It’s a test map to demonstrate my ability to do jungle environments and my ability to work from concept art.

my version concept version

I’ve only just created the terrain and just started some mesh placement. There is still a lot of terrain painting and mesh placement left. I’m having a friend recreate the rock formation from the concept art for me. Hopefully next post I can link to some of his work. The concept picture was not done by myself and is property of the Jurassic rage team. The layout for the small dm map I’ve been working on is almost complete. Once finished I’ll lay some brushes, put in bots and items and begin playtesting. That’s about all for now.

p.s. – If anyone wants hosting or email let me know. I have a bit of either I can give away. I would prefer if I knew you beforehand, but if I don’t, give me some links to show your ties to a gaming community and I’ll be a little more leniant.

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