Lanparty for Thanksgiving weekend.

Ok gang, time to upgrade this season. We’re gonna try and run a gigabit ethernet network this time around, so you’ll need some new hardware. You’ll need a new cable, perferably Cat 6, but cat 5e will work (just not as fast). You can buy these at or for 3-5 dollars depending. Next you’ll need a new card if yours isn’t rated at 10/100/1000. Check your card manual, or your mobo manual if your card is onboard. Both (onboard and pci) will run at relatively the same speed, but you may notice some speed increases with the pci card linked below, as it seems to have extremely low processor overhead. If you’re blessed to have pci express slots check either of the two links below(it’s the fastest).

I’m planning on ordering quite a bit of stuff, so if you want to save on shipping email me (or call 812-736-1313) with your order and I’ll bring it to the party. You will owe me for the product, and I’ll cover the shipping. Just get the order to me by Nov 16th, so I can test the equipment to make sure it all works.

Pci Express Card 1 – $32.99

Pci Express Card 2 – $39.99

Pci Card 1 (I wouldn’t reccomend any others based on it’s reviews/price) – $12.99

This article pretty much explains why you’d rather have pci express over pci. Just remember that onboard cards are attached pci devices, so they share the pci bus speed.

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