New stuff at Work

In work news I’ve begun the arduous task of increasing our search engine rankings for some sites at work, and I’ve written an article about how I’m increasing search engine rankings. I’ve also begun the same work on our haunted house road rally themed site. The work I’ve done so far has involved adding our company to google maps, formatting the text on the site to include our specified key words, and to begin a blog. The blog will also double as a source for our users to interact with the developement of the danger run, or myself in general with regards to the website. I imagine the blog won’t see near the traffic that I hop the forum will end up seeing.

On a lighter note I bought guitar hero II today for my 360 and must say I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve also decided I need to come up with an asp.NET project that operates like a web 2.0 app, which means including the dreaded ajax. More for experience then anything else.

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