New tutorials + php

Two new articles up in the tutorials section, both aimed at beginners; “How to write HTML like XHTML” and “How to decide on XHTML or HTML”. For the latter article I tried to take an impartial side to the debate, but that’s only so possible as XHTML has some major flaws that have to be addressed.

In other news I took out the ajax (was keeping adsense from display ads relevent to the content, plus I had no meaningful meta content for each page) So now I’m using php to generate a header and footer, and slap the content in the middle. Next I’ll be writing a function that can be called from the content page to pass meta values to the header page. In addition I think I’m going to write a “contact” page so I can get my email off the page header. I would prefer not to be gettin junk mail at my main email.

Last up for current articles will be a learn html article, as it’s hard to find any reliable articles out there that stress form.

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