How I’m increasing the rankings of

So far I’m a complete newbie at this. This page will serve as a record of the things I tried, and will hopefully have reports on wether or not they did or didn’t work. A lot of people will tell you how to do seo, but there is a lot of filth to wade through without anyone clarifying what is right and what is wrong.

  1. The first thing I ever did was to add unique titles to all product pages. This was accomplished by pulling the product name out of the database, storing it in a variable, and outputing it in the template in the <title> tag. Our cart operates on the premise of header, content, footer, and uses two templates to wrap around the content. Thus initially we had the same <title> tag for every single page, and google wasn’t properly indexing all of our pages. Worked All of our product pages are now indexed by google.
  2. I’ve modified the <img> tags on all our product images. In the title and alt fields the product name is again used.
  3. I’ve started a blog for all our christmas sites which should allow me to create keyword laden links to all our sites. The links will also gain value because the page itself is completely relevant to all our other sites.
  4. I have added 2 paragraphs to the bottom of the main page containing a little about the store, and loaded it with keywords.
  5. I have added all the sites to the DMOZ.
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