Summer 2008 Updates

Well I was hoping last time when I posted to have been a lot further along on my projects but it seems I’ve been overly busy the past 2 months. Lets see… where to start.

  • I started grad school for my M.B.A. at University of Louisville
  • I bought a house that needs quite a bit of work
  • I have finally made a serious effort at learning the guitar
  • I’ve taken on 2 freelance projects that have taken up some of my time
  • Other general time wasters such as: large amounts of drinking and watching lots of tv
  • I’m also trying to work out as much as possible (very difficult it seems)

I have gotten some work done however. All the forms in my project site that create database entries are done, however, I still have to write all the display pages and all the edit pages. Once that’s done it’s just on to marketing. Initially I was just going to create this project for Louisville use only as a way to learn php. I’ve since decided to expand my horizions and make it function nationally, and hopefully even turn a tiny (and I do mean tiny) profit. I’ve also brought back the tutorials from the old site, but they’re all in the archives so you probably won’t find them on the front page or in rss.

I do intend on updating the SEO and marketing article as I’ve learned a lot more since I’ve written that article.

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