The internet is more fun than you

I think someone Tried to cyber me today!

littlenicki223 (11:57:11 AM): sup baby!?!?
jimbabwe00 (12:49:44 PM): who is this?
littlenicki223 (11:57:38 AM): u dont remember me?
jimbabwe00 (12:50:02 PM): should I?
littlenicki223 (11:57:46 AM): ouch!
littlenicki223 (11:57:55 AM): i thought i was ur first
jimbabwe00 (12:50:25 PM): haha! I like this game! WEEEEE!
littlenicki223 (11:58:19 AM): yay
littlenicki223 (11:58:32 AM): where are u going to school
jimbabwe00 (12:50:51 PM): I guess I just have a bad memory
jimbabwe00 (12:50:56 PM): I’m not
littlenicki223 (11:59:07 AM): psh
jimbabwe00 (12:51:52 PM): so did you just randomly type in my screen name?
littlenicki223 (12:00:18 PM): no who the hell randomly types in jimbabwe and hopes to talk to someone?
jimbabwe00 (12:53:05 PM): I’m sure with all the people in the world, there is that possibility of it happening.
jimbabwe00 (12:53:11 PM): however unlikely
littlenicki223 (12:01:00 PM): wow your an optimist
jimbabwe00 (12:53:44 PM): well actually I’d say I’m a pessimist. I’m assuming it was random chance that brought you here, not an actual desire to talk to me.
littlenicki223 (12:01:40 PM): your weird
littlenicki223 signed off at 12:54:03 PM.
littlenicki223 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

jimbabwe00 (12:54:09 PM): haha!
littlenicki223 is unable to receive offline IMs.

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