xhtml section added

I’ve added an xhtml playground, and to view the site you need a proper browser. (Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Konqueror) Ie6-7 cannot interpret the xhtml mime type and you get a download prompt. So get a real browser and lets try to finally move to xhtml. Even though we’re about 5 years behind schedule on that one, with about another 5 years to go!

The section is currently fairly lame as I’ve just been busy trying to get it to work (damn remote hosting) and have just a test document up at the moment. Later I intended to play around fully with SVG. Although I am upset with my current tests however, as the SVG support in Firefox seems rather limited. Either way, keep on the lookout for that.

I also modified a page for a co-worker, as she was redesigning her portfolio and was trying to use tables for layout, so I made this CSS2 layout for her. If you have time stop by and check out some of her work, it’s pretty good (maybe that’s because some if it’s my work too? ;P)

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